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Jewelry Care

For your Hello Koai jewelry to remain lustrous & vibrant in colour for as long as possible, please avoid any harsh chemicals. Currently, all our pieces are either heavy gold plated, gold filled, sterling silver & premium polymer clay. Since they’re delicate pieces, I recommend taking them off during activities such as exercising, sleeping, showers & bathing.


Heavy Gold Plated

Our heavy gold plated jewelry uses either 18k or 23k solid gold for plating onto quality jeweller's brass. 

So...exactly how heavy is our "heavy gold plated" jewelry? At least 3 microns thick, no cap🤭  (Regular flash plating is usually under 0.175 microns just to give some perspective). We pride our brand in being high quality and want to ensure that you'll be able to enjoy our cute pieces for years to come. That being said, it's still important to keep them dry & away from harsh chemicals to remain their shiny vibrant gold for as long as possible. With proper care, these pieces should last 3+ years before they start to lose its gold colour. I've personally worn them months on end in showers and they're still in pristine condition!😊

**Please Note** that even after a few years, when the gold starts to wear off, you can get them re-plated at your local jewellers. No need to toss them out! We highly encourage sustainability at Hello Koai❤️


Gold Filled

Gold filled is a semi-precious metal that is much harder wearing than gold plated jewelry. Our gold filled jewelry uses 14k or 18k solid gold, which is then heat pressure bonded to quality jeweller's brass, making it extra durable, waterproof & lightweight for everyday wear. 

Gently wipe down jewelry with a soft untreated/microfibre cloth to remove any debris, oil & sweat before storing them back in your jewelry pouch/box. Rinsing gold filled pieces with warm water & mild soap is okay, especially when in contact with harsh chemicals. With proper care, our gold-filled pieces are made to last for years to come(5+ years!). 


Fresh Water Pearls

Our cultured fresh water pearls are A & AA grade pearls that are delicate and should be gently cared for by avoiding harsh chemicals & scratching of the surface to remain its lustrous sheen.


Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a precious metal that can last a lifetime. The more you wear it, the less it tends to tarnish. The natural oils your body produces helps create a barrier to protect the silver from oxidizing at a fast rate.

When not wearing your pieces, it is recommended to store them in an air-tight package, such as a ziplock bag, to prevent it from oxidization, which creates a dark tarnish on the surface. However, even when your pieces start to oxidize & tarnish, it can simply be polished with a silver polishing cloth, making it look good as new.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is both durable and waterproof in nature. It's most commonly used in some kitchenware & surgical instruments. Its economical price point has made it a popular choice in the jewelry industry, especially for heavy, chunkier pieces. This hassle free metal is durable for everyday wear & can withstand high amounts of corrosion, making it waterproof & shower-safe.


Things to avoid:

  • Perfumes
  • Essential oils 
  • Lotions
  • Alkaline products (harsh soaps, detergents)
  • Acidic foods (lemons, tomatoes, etc.)
  • Detergents & any cleaning products
  • Swimming pool & ocean water (chlorine)


We recommend that our jewelry be the last thing you put on while getting ready & the first thing you take off winding down.

If you have any other concerns or questions about jewelry care, feel free to drop us a message at and we'll get back to you asap😊

✿Things to note✿
  • As a general rule, earrings last longer than necklaces & rings would since most of the earring do not come directly in contact with your skin and is usually subject to less friction.
  • Your body's PH levels can also cause gold plated jewelry to tarnish faster, just like harsh chemicals & acidic foods would.