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I care deeply about creating sustainable business practices. Therefore, I do my best to source high quality materials so that our products can last the test of time, which ultimately reduces waste.

I'm proud to say that most of our packaging is plastic free, and currently the only plastics we use are the cute velvet ring boxes, which hopefully you will keep for a long time before recycling them:)

Sustainability is not easy as a small brand due to the economical barriers. It is also a relatively new & complex topic that I'm still educating myself on. However, I do my best to make every decision responsibly. The process from ideation, manufacturing, to products in your hands is constantly being evaluated & improved. As my brand grows, I promise to continue investing in sustainability initiatives and I invite you to keep me accountable!

I hope this gives you peace of mind knowing that when you choose to shop from Hello Koai, you are also supporting these values. Thank you for understanding & allowing my small brand to grow.

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience here & thank you for supporting my dream!


-Michelle (founder, designer & maker @hellokoai)