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Hi Cutie! 

At Hello Koai, my goal is to help you look cute, feel cute, stay organized and inspired! I provide high quality accessories & stationery that are cute AF to help spice up your outfits and be the most organized, cutest version of yourselves.

Currently, Hello Koai is a one-women business run by me, Michelle. I started Hello Koai in March of 2021 because I couldn't find high quality jewelry, accessories & stationery that were cute & colourful, yet still remained classy. Wanting to build a brand surrounding everything I love, I started dreaming up Hello Koai.

All the products here are designed by yours truly, and made with high quality materials. Inspired by the 90s/Y2K era, retro/vintage styles, kawaii culture and just anything I find cute!

I've always had a love for high quality accessories, stationery & beautiful design. I love the way they make me feel, and that's how I want YOU to feel when you wear and use my products. Everything is designed and made with so much thought, and aimed to make your inner child giddy🤭

I hope you love shopping here & thank you for supporting my dream!🥺❤️
Much love,
Michelle (Founder @hellokoai)